Demonstrate that Adidas can change lives through the power of sport.


In the U.K., 74% of young offenders reoffend after release due to stigma, unemployment, and a lack of support.

"Make your tomorrow" Campaign

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In the UK, 74% of young offenders re-offend after their release. This is to a big extent caused by isolation and unemployment. Adidas wants to break the cycle by introducing a 3-step rehabilitation programme in prisons.

The rehabilitation programme uses sport to give offenders a purpose. A Fitbit-like system tracks the exercise levels of individuals and monitors progress. The better a person does, the more likely they are to be rewarded with upgraded gym equipment and Adidas' famous spokespeople to mentor the inmates. 

When released, offenders will have received qualifications in the sport and nutrition field to help them get a job. 

To change what society thinks about young offenders, Channel 5 and Netflix will release a documentary series about the programme that will also be shared through YouTube. This will promote the results of the programme and encourage prisons worldwide to adopt it. | +44 7526744569 | +44 7526744569