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Giffgaff is a phone company that wants to reward its members with something that reflects 'mutual giving'.



61% of millennial women have received unsolicited sexual images, which is sexual harassment.

The #giffconsent campaign

The campaign in images

61% of millennial women have received unsolicited dickpics. Giffgaff is all about mutual giving and online communication, making this the perfect opportunity to talk about mutual consent.

Introducing: the cockblock app.

The app detects unwanted pictures and covers them with emojis. 

A pop-up asks whether users want to #giffconsent to see the photo. If they don't, they can respond with savage GIFs that teach the sender to ask for consent first.

We will collaborate with messenger apps to realise our app.

The app will be promoted during university freshers week, since freshers are about to start a new, independent life in which they are more likely to be exposed to sexual harassment. An exhibit of famous naked art with emojis covering their private parts will be put in student halls, informing students about #giffconsent and Giffgaff's cockblock app.

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