Create a PR event that launches the Google Pixel phone. 

Childlike imagination leads to higher levels of creativity.

We designed a brand experience for influencers that proves how the Google Pixel 2 brings you back to childlike imagination and creativity. 

We will bring 500 influencers into our world right from the start, with an exclusive google backpack. It contains a coloring book that also teaches the features of the phone, nostalgic goodies, a map of our event, and a personalized invitation. 

Using Kinetic Audio Visual technology, influencers will walk through a magic hallway filled with bright lights, colors, shapes, rainbows, and even their name and photos of them to welcome them to the event. 


They will walk into a lounge to receive their free Google Pixel 2, or event buddy. 


In the main lounge, they'll see 6 doors with questions to hint at what is inside them. 

What keeps you from sleep?:


As a kid, your imagination went into overdrive when you thought about what lurked under your bed. Your mind conjured up images of giant paws and huge eyes. You’ll enter an oversized child’s bedroom, to explore the dark mysterious world under the bed. You can use the Pixel’s low light camera to trigger monsters to move. After you capture the monsters you can come out from under the bed and use the camera to see the monsters in real time running around the bedroom - using Google’s AR technology.

“What gets brighter as it gets darker?”


Remember when you grabbed all the blankets and pillows in your house to make a fort? You’ll relive your fort-making days as you crawl under our very own giant blanket fort and lay on plush pillows as you look up at the galaxy, which will be placed there with projection mapping. Use the google lens to discover planets, constellations and you can even explore your very own star sign.

“How do you catch a cloud?”

We have all tried to compete with our friends to see who could swing the highest, to see whose feet could touch the sky. In this room, you will swing high above and through the clouds. This room will be quite magical, controlling temperature and moisture in the room we will create real clouds. Don’t worry, you can capture this moment with google assistant, with ‘Place Your Pixel Here’ stands around the room, you can simply yell ‘Take A Selfie’ as you swing and Pixel will capture the perfect moment. Don’t forget to check out the height tracking scoreboard before you leave, to see if you really did touch the sky. | +44 7526744569