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Hearts & Minds is a Scottish charity that uses 'clown doctor' performers to encourage interaction and laughter with sick children in hospitals. They need more awareness and donations.


Hearts & Minds' clown doctors use music and fart jokes to connect with children.

The 'Fart from the Heart' campaign

The Fart Song

The Campaign in Images

We talked to one of Hearts & Minds' clown doctors, and she told us that music is an important part of her work, as it helps her to make a connection with children in difficult situations. She also gave us examples of other ways to bond, for example through fart jokes. This inspired us to write a song about farts and laughter and how they make children feel better.

We kick off our campaign by putting Hearts & Minds branded whoopee cushions on the seats of Scottish parliament, followed by showing the Fart song to the politicians.

We distribute the 'Hearts and Minds'-branded whoopee cushions around Scottish cities: in hospitals, public transport, and libraries.

The fart song will be spread through and advertised on social media.

The campaign continues online, where celebrities post videos and images of themselves with the branded whoopee cushions. This fart challenge will get people all over Scotland to join with the hashtag #FartFromTheHeart.

The whoopee cushions will be sold online with all revenues going to Hearts & Minds.

The campaign ends with a bang: with an attempt at breaking the world record for most people farting at the same time. | +44 7526744569